Current Issue

New Literaria

Vol. 2 Issue 2
July – August 2021



Nisarga Bhattacharjee & Dipra Sarkhel

Pandemic, Space and Environment in Blindness by José Saramago
Marinică Tiberiu Şchiopu

The “Magic” of Masala: An Analysis of Indian Spices as a Psychological Healer based on Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s The Mistress of Spices
Gutimali Goswami

The Temporality and Spatiality of Food: How Community Kitchens Write Food Narratives Amidst Pandemics
Sethuparvathy S

Pandemic; a Political Satire: Re-surfacing the Dysfunctional Government through the works of Stephen King and Robin Cook
Sanghamitra Ghatak

Techno-Capitalism and Speculative Fiction: An Ecocritical Analysis of Ray Bradbury’s Short Story “A Sound of Thunder”
Meher Nandrajog

Pandemic as a Metaphor for Moral Degeneration in Tagore’s Rajarshi
Ananya Chatterjee

The Disease Called Fear: Reading Narayan Ganguly’s Short Story “Pushkara”
Subhajeet Sinha

COVID-19 Through the Lens of Camus: Parallels and Lessons from the Absurd in The Plague
Sneha Talwar

Proselytizing Diseases: Problematising Endemic, Theology and the Caste Question in Bengal
Pithu Halder