July 17, 2024

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Dr Tanmoy Kundu
Assistant Professor, Department of English, Midnapore College(Autonomous), West Bengal, India.
Email: editor[at]newliteraria.com/tanmoy.kundu[at]midnaporecollege.ac.in/newliteraria[at]gmail.com

Dr Parthasarathi Mondal
Assistant Professor, Department of English & TIC, Manbhum Mahavidyalaya, West Bengal, India.
Email: dadhigopal[at]gmail.com/newliteraria[at]gmail.com


Adrija Press
Mrs Sonali Kundu
Jorda, Bankura-722173
West Bengal, India
Mob: +91 89184 71598
Email: publisher[at]adrijapress.com

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