July 17, 2024
Call for PapersCall for Papers

Call for papers

LITERARIA invites the submission of articles, shorter essays, interviews, and book reviews offering historical, interdisciplinary, theoretical, and cultural approaches to literature and related fields. 

Submissions should be emailed to editor@newliteraria.com by no later than 30th July 2020.  All submissions must include a cover letter that includes the author’s full mailing address, email address, telephone numbers, and professional or academic affiliation.

Articles should be between 3,500 and 8,000 words long (including bibliography and footnotes). Book reviews should be between 750 and 1,500 words.

Please note that, if relevant submission and formatting guidelines are not met, manuscripts will not be deemed eligible for publication.

More information on submission can be found at https://newliteraria.com/for-authors/

Please contact Tanmoy Kundu(editor@newliteraria.com/tanmoy.kundu@midnaporecollege.ac.in) for details regarding the submission of book reviews.

Submission Deadline: 30 July 2020
Expected Date of Publication: 30 Aug, 2020


Tanmoy Kundu is Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of English, Midnapore College (Autonomous), West Bengal. He has published four research articles and fourteen book chapters on Feminism, Popular Culture, Indian English Novel, and Indian English Drama in national and international journals and edited volumes. Besides English literature, he has a passion for Linguistics, Dalit Literature, and South Asian Literature. Mr. Kundu has been acting as a reviewer for peer-reviewed national-level journals like Advances Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, (a multi-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal). He has edited a book, Off the Line: Transgression and Its Representation in Literature and Culture (Atlantic Publishers, New Delhi) in 2019. His recent area of research is concerned with Dalit Studies, Street theatre.

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