Current Issues

Vol. 4 Issue 1
January- February 202



The Destitutionalised Reading of Gender and Caste in Baburao Bagul’s Short Stories
Dr. Kavita Patil

The Dynamics of Gendered Spaces in Jokha Alharthi’s Celestial Bodies
Jesna Joseph

Globalism avant la lettre from a Late Medieval and Early Modern German Perspective: The Niederrheinische Orientbericht, Adam Olearius, and Jesuit Missionaries Across the Globe
Albrecht Classen

The Bengali Widow’s Kitchen: Looking Back at an Obscure Legacy
Ananya Chatterjee

Translating Word to Image: Retelling of A Passage to India
Dr. Kavita Patil

Premchand’s The Chess Players: A Comparative Analysis of YouTube and MOOC Platforms
Rahul Jain

Interrogating Desire in Contemporary Literature: Iterations around Gender and Its Relationship with the Culture of the Digital Realm
Anwesha Dutta

Negotiating Gender and Sexuality: A Study of Preeti Shenoy’s The Rule Breakers
Mousumi Kundu

Spatial Literary Theory in Amitav Ghosh’s The Hungry Tide
C S Abhija Lekshmy

Voices of the Marginal: Comparative Analysis of Mahasweta Devi’s “Draupadi” and Asit Rai’s Yantrana
Rathika Subba

A Psychoanalytic Study of Gillian Flynn’s Amy Elliott Dunne with reference to Lacan’s Three Stages of Identity Formation
Sk Benazir

Caste and Masculinity: The Complexity of Gender Dynamics among Different Communities in Tamil Karisal Literature
Nikhil Ruban

‘Victims of Gendered Portrayals’: Female Characters in the Selected Fiction of Arun Joshi
Kangkan Bhuyan

Gendered Orientations around Domestic Objects; A Study of Home Truths: Gender, Domestic Objects and Everyday Life
Gayatri Suri

Approaching Shobhaa De’s Creation of New World with Words from the Perspective of Women’s Liberation
Kanhaiya Kumar Sinha

Queering the Racial Other: Towards a Queer Africa
Ashmita Biswas